The Stag Do – It’s an age-old right of passage. And, for your sins, you’ve got to organise it. The old saying goes “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail”. And this is just as true for Stag parties as anything else – making it up as you go along just won’t cut it these days. Don’t be one of those Stag groups that ends up wandering the streets not knowing where to go next and what venues will let them in. You really don’t want to bear the brunt of a bunch of boozy Stags as they become impatient with their leader. If you want the perfect Stag weekend, you need to be a man with a plan.


Work with the groom to draw up a list of guests. Who does he like and really want to come? Who doesn’t he like? This can be a tricky operation but it is probably the most important element of a good Stag party. Make sure everyone invited will make an effort to get on with the rest of the group. If you have a friend that’s rude and obnoxious, you may want to think about leaving him behind.

Should you invite the bride and groom’s fathers? Will they fit in or will they just be a drag? If you think you should invite them but think they might spoil the vibe then why not have two Stag parties – the main one with your mates and a smaller one down the pub with the future father-in-law? Diplomatic incident avoided!

Try to keep the numbers sensible to avoid spending most of your time working like a sheep dog to keep the group together (10 to 15 is probably a good number). Also, really large groups can become quite cliquey which doesn’t help with Stag party bonding. Ideally you want everyone to develop friendships that carry over to the wedding day and maybe beyond.


One of the first things to do is to set the date so everyone gets a chance to get it into their diaries. Stag parties typically take place somewhere between two weeks and a couple of months before the wedding (make sure the groom has plenty of time for his eyebrows to grow back). However, you will need to start planning much earlier.


Once you know who’s coming, you can decide what sort of budget you should be aiming for. What if there are one or two who are feeling a little hard up? Well, you have three options really. One – scale back your ambitions a bit. Two – you could ask everyone to chip in and help those less fortunate. Or, three – you could give people the option to sit out of certain activities if they can’t afford them – obviously, this option doesn’t exactly have a warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

If all the guests are loaded, that Stag weekend in Vegas could become a reality. If not, somewhere in the UK or Europe might be more up your street. What about going to an event like the Pamplona Bull Run? See our list of over 40 Stag weekend destinations in the UK and abroad for a complete low down.

What about activities? Chilled out or action packed? Chat to the groom to find out what he’s into. Quad biking? White water rafting? Clay pigeon shooting?


Remember this is the groom’s Stag and a good party will leave the groom feeling like he’s had a great time. Even if it takes him a couple of days to remember exactly what happened. As long as you focus on that, instead of embarrassing him, you can’t really go wrong – although, it wouldn’t be a kosher Stag party without a touch of embarrassment here and there.

This is one time you can feel free to talk or email behind the groom’s back. Making clandestine plans is all part of the fun. One thing you might want to discuss is what he’ll be wearing.


Lots of Stag parties involve strippers or kissograms. As the Best Man, you may already know if this is his type of thing or not. If not, do your best to find out before booking one. This decision should ultimately be the Stag’s and not left up to the mob. Don’t forget, it’s his day. If it helps – results from a recent survey show that 62% of visitors to the site would like a stripper at their party. If you do book a stripper, make sure you get permission from the venue. Lots of places will not allow strippers, so be sure to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.


Organising a Stag weekend yourself can be daunting. Have you ever tried coordinating a bunch of guys along with transport, activities, entertainment etc? It can be a logistical nightmare and it takes a lot of time to organise. What about finding a hotel that will take a group of men? Even that isn’t always easy. Just ask anyone who’s had to do it. If you feel up to the task yourself then visit our Stag and Hen Directory where you’ll find thousands of suppliers offering everything under the sun.

Alternatively, there is an easier way, and that is to get a professional Stag company to help organise it for you. These companies know the best suppliers and have the buying power to get the best deals. Visit our Stag Weekends section where you will find a wide range of packages along with options to tailor-make your own weekend – but without the hassle.


Choose the group carefully

Planning – leave plenty of time to finalise your plans. Don’t leave it too late to book accommodation, travel and activities etc. Remember, not everywhere accepts Stag parties so call ahead and make sure you’re welcome wherever you plan to go or use a professional organiser.

Practical jokes – what would a Stag party be without a couple of harmless pranks? Remember though to keep them just that – harmless. Everyone’s there to have a fun time that’s memorable for the right reasons.

Break the ice – if the Stags don’t know each other too well, try and use techniques to break the ice. For instance, Stag t-shirts or fancy dress instantly give everyone a feeling of camaraderie.

Run a kitty – get everyone to contribute as this stops people getting into cliquey rounds. Get a fair whack off everyone up front so you don’t have to keep asking. The Stag shouldn’t really have to contribute to this.

Look after the Stag – as Best Man, it’s your job to make sure he’s looked after and gets back in one piece.