Madrid – the coolest capital in Europe and perfect for the Stag weekend that doesn’t want to hold back.


This city is a fascinating cultural melting pot that could keep you busy for a year, let alone a weekend.

Madrid is famous for its towering cathedrals and churches and examples of magnificent medieval architecture dominate the city – be sure to visit Plaza Mayor, the vast square in the heart of the city, which is an incredible sight. If you are going to explore the city extensively get a Metrobus ticket that allows you to use both the metro and the bus network.

When it comes to going out, try doing as the Spanish do and having a sit-down meal in a restaurant before hitting the bars – the city is known for its cuisine, particularly tapas and seafood, so there are plenty of excellent venues to choose from. If you happen to see Criadillas on the menu order it for the Stag, but save telling him it is bull’s testicles until after he has eaten it!

When it comes to nightlife Madrid is world famous and the city is reputed to have the largest number of bars per square mile of any European capital. Don’t expect them to get busy until around midnight when people start to leave the restaurants, but after that it is a non-stop party, with most clubs not shutting until six or seven in the morning. To complete a truly Spanish experience, stop at a café for Churros con Chocolate – hot chocolate with fried fritters, before you finally flop into bed.