Over 700 watering holes, a large student population and relatively low prices have also contributed to a vibrant nightlife – perfect for a Stag weekend that wants a lot of bang for its buck!


Glasgow has completely transformed since it was nominated as the European Capital of Culture in 1990, it has gone on to become a much more cosmopolitan city.

With the Highlands and lochs on your doorstep, Glasgow is an excellent base from which to enjoy some top notch outdoor activities including the quirky sport of river bugging.

For a wee dram, take yourselves off to the Glengoyne Distillery which is just 35 minutes drive away. There you will discover how whisky is made and, more importantly, get to sample some lovely old single malts.

In this land of Braveheart – you might just have the best Stag weekend of your life! Tip – avoid fancy dress themes that involve kilts and ginger wigs if you the only pain you’re prepared to feel on your weekend is your hangover.