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You’re engaged – congratulations! Now that your nerves have settled down and the excitement has kicked in, here comes the fun bit – planning the big day and everything else around it! There’s so much to organise in preparation for your wedding day, with one of the best parts being your stag do or hen party!

Our blog offers all sorts of tips, tricks and advice to help you plan your stag do or hen party, as well as how to make the most of the day or weekend when the time comes around!

109, 2015


The moment has arrived, it’s your first stag experience and you’re probably wondering what to expect. Stag do's are always eventful one way or another, especially if the best man

3110, 2014


Best man Duties So you've just been made a Best Man? For some it's an honour and a compliment, for the rest of us it can be pretty damn petrifying.

3110, 2014


Stag Party Planning The Stag Do - It's an age-old right of passage. And, for your sins, you've got to organise it. The old saying goes "if you fail to

If you’re interested in seeing some of the stag do and hen party ideas that we offer, simply have a browse through our website and see what takes your fancy. From stag do holidays in Marbella to hen party weekends in Budapest, you’ll find yourself struggling to decide on where to go! If you’d like to make an enquiry about your stag do or hen party, feel free to get in touch!

Your last night of freedom is bound to be a memorable experience in itself, but to make it the best it could possibly be, start thinking about how to tailor it to truly make it your own. Here at Stags and Hens, we understand that everyone is different, and what might appeal to one bride or groom to be, might not appeal to others. That’s why we offer an abundance of hen party and stag do ideas, bursting with things to see, do and experience, whether it’s for one night or an entire weekend.