Find expert tips and advice for all of your stag do and best man queries

Just been made a Best Man? Not sure what’s involved? Worried about that speech? Well relax, we have all of the info and tips you need to make the Stag Do and Best Man Speech go with a Bang…the Groom will be proud of you!


So you’ve just been made a Best Man? For some it’s an honour and a compliment, for the rest of us it can be pretty damn petrifying. Oh my god, I’m going to have to make a speech! Well yes, but that’s only one of your duties, admittedly the most terrifying one.

Best Man Duties
Best Man Speech Advise


You’re the Best Man, you’re nervous about the speech and you want the groom to be proud of you.

There’s no escaping the fact that writing and delivering a speech is many people’s idea of hell. Public speaking often tops the list of most common phobias and if you consider the difficulties of talking to many different people at once and the scope for things to go wrong then it’s understandable why speeches aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, nerves don’t need to come into the equation if you follow this simple advice.


The Stag is a very special occasion and you want to get it right, so here’s some top advice.

“The Stag Do” – it’s an age-old right of passage. And, for your sins, you’ve got to organise it. The old saying goes “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail”. And this is just as true for Stag parties as anything else – making it up as you go along just won’t cut it these days.

Stag Party Planning