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Riga is the capital city of the small Baltic country Latvia and its popularity is growing fast as a destination for Hens who want fun and adventure mixed in with some spectacular sight-seeing. The city hasn’t become too westernised and has a lot of historical charm which, combined with its unbelievably cheap prices and round-the-clock partying, make it an ideal place for a spectacular Hen weekend that none of you will ever forget.

If you’re visiting in the summer then Riga is full of great restaurants, open-air cafes and beer gardens and you have a full 17 hours of daylight to enjoy it all! In winter, you can put your skates on and visit the ice rink which is located centrally in Liv Square.

The daytime activities are fantastic, really cheap and offer all sorts of fun for the more sober hours of the day (if you have any) and if you can’t face the nightlife without a full makeover after all that then there are some great spas offering a wide range of beauty treatments to relax and pamper you before hitting the bars and clubs.

The nightlife in Riga has really taken off in recent years. Whatever kind of cafe, bar or club you’re into you’ll find something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to have it large in Latvia!

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