Battle Zone Archery in London

Battle Zone Archery

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Battle Zone Archery in London

Battle Zone Archery is the next big thing in combat sports. Combining the mayhem and exhilaration of paintball with the fun of dodgeball, and requiring the skills of archery, this is a really exciting experience. Have your very own Hunger Games!

Two teams are pitted against each other across a purpose built field layout with a referee. Each team has up to 5 specially designed bunkers, 5 target cones are placed in front of each bunker. If you get hit by an opponent’s arrow you’re out, unless a team mate catches an arrow headed for them, in which case you can be resurrected. Points are awarded for each eliminated player and for hitting the cones. The layouts and game scenarios are switched around, and a range of barriers strategically placed across the area of play as part of each battle. The session lasts an hour and in that time you’ll play several games, such as Battle Zone, Archery Dodge, Last man standing and the Kamikaze run.

All equipment is provided, included a protective face helmet. The bows are easy to use, and the arrows are designed to absorb the impact meaning the whole experience is less painful and messy than paintball, but just as competitive and just as much fun!

With a city centre location in the heart of London, Battle Zone Archery is a great addition to your weekend away. With no need for an expensive and time consuming transfer to an out of town paintball field, you can easily fit this in alongside other things that you can do in the same place, such as Bubble Football, Binocular Football or an Old School Sports Day.

Minimum Group Size

10 People


1 Hour

Usual Time

12:00 (not guaranteed)

What’s Included?

  • Bow and arrows
  • Protective helmet
  • Team bibs
  • Barriers, obstacles and other battle ground equipment
  • 60 – 90 minutes depending on group size
  • Several games such as:
  • Battle Zone
  • Archery Dodge
  • Last man standing
  • Kamikaze run