Ibiza is Europe’s undisputed party capital and, as soon as you set foot on the island, you’ll see why.


Most tourists head for San Antonio or ‘San An’ and, from the beaches to the superclubs full of famous DJs, the smell of hedonism is in the air. The wide bay is home to hundreds of bars and clubs and the streets and beaches are overflowing with some of the world’s hottest eye candy.

Spend the day sipping cocktails from behind a pair of oversized sunnies and watch the world go by, before heading out to line your stomach in preparation for a night of sheer hedonism. You’ll find both traditional Spanish and good-quality British food on offer in the bars, pavement cafes and in the upmarket Sunset Strip area. So start your evening off in style and get ready for some of the wildest nights of your life! Don’t miss some of the famous nightclubs like Pacha, Space and Amnesia. In Ibiza, your Hen weekend can be as mad or as classy as you want it to be, and certainly an experience you’ll never forget.

Amid all the excitement, take an evening out to explore the old town – you won’t regret it. Enjoy some traditionally-prepared Spanish seafood or paella and some lovely vistas. For a chilled out evening, don’t miss the Café Del Mar sunset, where you can watch nature’s spectacular colours accompanied by some of the best chillout tunes. You’ll soon realise there’s something very special about Ibiza.