When you’re planning a hen outing you’ve got to include something that’s fun for everyone and Disco Dodgeball is just made for girls who want plenty of laughs before hitting the town for the night’s entertainment.

Now dodgeball is tremendous fun any time and it’s probably one of the few games where you’re allowed to bully and pick on other players, and ganging up on someone is just to be expected – the bride-to-be sounds like a great potential victim. But we’ve added a twist; with Disco Dodgeball we’ve put together some great sound from days gone by and developed games to link with the music. So not only do you have to concentrate on your dodgeball but you also have to dance too. And, if there are any shrinking violets out there, you need to know that there’s nowhere to hide because your disco dodgeball session will start with a dance off that everyone has to join in.