When you’ve got an hour or so to spare on your hen celebration you don’t want to waste it wondering what to do, so get along to Bubble Mayhen for a crazy time that will have you in fits of laughter and really make your hen party extra special.

You’ll get a full safety briefing on arrival – the main risk is that you’ll split your sides laughing, but we have to do our best to avoid accidents – and then you’ll climb into your Zorb, a clear inflatable ball that covers all but your legs. From that moment on, the real fun begins as you join in the zany games and challenges that Bubble Mayhen has to offer.

As if looking like an over-sized lollipop isn’t daft enough, imagine trying to run around and take part in competitive games like Bulldog, Queen of the Ring and Capture the Bathroom. There’ll be no room for the feint-hearted here as you take on the opposition and barge them out of the way – and quite likely into the air and onto the ground. You’ll leave them rolling around, legs kicking away and struggling desperately to get up again while everyone else is poking fun at their efforts. But don’t laugh too hard because your turn is sure to come and then you’ll need all the friends you can get.