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Top 10 Stag weekend activities

OK, there's more than 10 but that's because we like you.
  1. Paintballing - this is a hugely popular Stag weekend activity. Guys just love shooting guys. What could be more wholesome than that? Oh, and the Stag usually has to dress in a chicken suit to blend in with the surroundings.
  2. Go-karting - with your backside a cheek-clenching inch or two off the ground you really do feel like you're going hundreds of miles and hour. Tracks vary and can be in or outdoor, with or without flyovers and banked turns etc. Bound to bring out the competitive beast in you!
  3. Clay pigeon shooting - Pull! Squeeze the trigger and watch the clay explode into a thousand pieces. Take it from us, blasting things out of the sky is a lot of fun.
  4. Quad bikes - these little off-roaders are fantastic fun and will go almost anywhere you point them. Ride through fields, over streams and along woodland tracks. You'll quickly become addicted.
  5. Zorbing (or Sphering) - climb into a giant PVC ball and get pushed down a hill. Sounds crazy and it is! This is the latest craze from New Zealand, the land of bungee jumping and other weird outdoor activities. Beware, Zorbing can be cancelled if wind speeds are higher than about 15mph so make sure you have a backup plan.
  6. Zorbing (or sphering)
  7. Target shooting - One of the great things about having Europe on our doorstep is that we're a short hop away from countries like Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania which still allow people to shoot insanely scary guns like Magnums, Uzis, Gloks, machine guns and even AK47s.
  8. 4 x 4 off road driving - your Stag weekend is a perfect opportunity to learn how to control these bad boys on almost impossible terrain. You'll be amazed how far these vehicles can tilt without rolling over.
  9. Surfing - ah yes - sand, sea and surfing. You don't have to go abroad to find great surfing beaches. Devon and Cornwall have world class waves and there are plenty of surf schools for those of us who are a bit clueless.
  10. Mud buggies - these are the bigger, rougher, tougher, dirtier cousins of go-karts. Ideal for a dirty Stag weekend.
  11. White water rafting
  12. White water rafting - a wet and wild experience of a lifetime. Bounce off boulders and crash through the waves. This is better than any rollercoaster ride and will give you plenty to talk about on the Stag night.
  13. Coasteering - for a Stag do with a difference, explore some of the wildest coastal environments in Britain with an exhilarating mix of cliff jumping, rock climbing and swimming. Protected by a wetsuit, helmet and life jacket this is great fun!
  14. Rock climbing - take a walk on the wild side and experience the exciting sport of rock climbing. Climbing involves a lot of physical exertion but can offer great fun, breathtaking scenery along with spiritual and emotional rewards.
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