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Stag and Hen party fancy dress themes

Nothing breaks the ice at a Hen or Stag do like a bunch of you making arses of yourselves in fancy dress. Apart from being hilarious, it'll give you something to talk about for years. Here are a few fancy dress themes to get you started.

Before the craziness begins, here are a couple of tips:
  • You may want to keep the theme a secret from the Stag or Hen until the last minute. Have your camera ready to capture the look of bemused horror on their face when they find out what they've got to wear.
  • If you're going abroad, you might want to pick a theme that won't upset the locals. Don't end up like the Brits that got into trouble in Crete for dressing up as naughty nuns - they were arrested for causing offence to the Roman Catholic church. Oops!
Fancy dress themes for Hen parties
    Sexy sailor Hens
  • Sexy sailors – what shall we do with the drunken sailor - check out the photo for outfit ideas.
  • Horny devils – this one doesn't require much effort and the horns are available in all good party stores.
  • Innocent angels – wings, wands and glitter. On the other hand, there may be one or two fallen angels.
  • Naughty nuns – dress the Hen up as a naughty nun and have a wicked night.
  • Sexy policewomen – you’ll need some handcuffs for all those naughty men out there.
  • Cowgirls – hats, plaid shirts, neckerchiefs, jeans or skirts, boots, handcuffs (to round up those cowboys) and guns (waterpistols are probably best if you want to avoid a security fiasco).
  • 70s afro wigs and shades – why? Because you can.
  • Hula skirts and shell bras.
  • Sexy nurses – be prepared for some male attention with this one.
  • Pop stars – Abba, The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud - choose one and get busy.
  • Playboy bunnies - be prepared for even more male attention with this one.
  • Cheerleaders – tight white t-shirts with initials and photo of the Hen, pleated skirt and Pom Poms. Don’t forget to come up with your own cheerleader chant.
  • Superheroes – Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Susan Storm (Fantastic Four), Elektra.
  • French maids – only if you want some serious male attention.
  • Sexy schoolgirls – if you want even more male attention.
  • 1920s theme – dress up as a flapper and get ready to do the Charleston. You’ll need one of those long cigarette thingys.
  • Romans and Greek Goddesses
  • Wenches – preferably buxom.
Check out the fancy dress shops in the Directory for costumes and more ideas.

Fancy dress themes for Stag parties
  • Priests – the Stag can be the token nun.
  • 70s afro wigs and shades – why? Because you can.
  • James Bond - shaken not shtirred my dear. This is easy, DJs for everyone except the Stag who goes as Bond in his Goldfinger frogman outfit (a wetsuit would get a bit hot so he can go in a DJ but with snorkel and mask). Handcuffs are a good accessory for arresting those female villains. You may also want to find some white pussies to stroke (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
  • Naval Officers – the girls will love it, even though you’re neither an officer nor a gentleman.
  • The convict - dress the Stag up as a convict in stripes and arrows complete with ball and chain. If you want to be really contemporary then go for the orange boiler suit.
  • Cowboys – hats, plaid shirts, neckerchiefs, jeans, boots and guns (waterpistols are probably best if you want to avoid a security fiasco). Additional accessories – handcuffs (for wild cowgirls), cigars and sheriff’s badge. Tip – make sure you can get into your venues in jeans.
  • Blues Brothers – sharp suits, shades and trilby hat.
  • Elvis – early Elvis, who ate all the pies Elvis or Hawaiian shirt Elvis. Just don’t forget the sideburns.
  • Gangsters – Mafia suits, violin cases, trilby hats, cigars, water pistols and cotton wool balls in the cheeks should do the trick.
  • Banana Man – the Stag dresses like a banana and the Bucks dress as monkeys.
  • Cavemen – wild hair wigs, clubs and loin cloths.
  • Superheroes – Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Incredible Hulk etc. The Stag could always be Batman while the Bucks are his arch enemies – Riddler, Penguin and Cat Woman.
  • Porn star – wig, shades, moustache, snappy threads and maybe a bit of bling. I’m sure you know the sort of thing.
  • Austin Powers – other characters include Dr Evil, Gold Member, Fat Bastard, , Number Two, Mini-Me, Vanessa Kensington, Scott Evil and Frau Farbissina.
  • Romans – this could be gladiators, togas or Caesar. The Stag should stand out from the bucks. Make sure you chariot race from bar to bar (well, piggybacks anyway).
  • Vikings – wild hair, beards, horn helmets and swords. The Stag should have the horniest helmet.
  • Circus performers – clowns, lion tamers, acrobats, strongmen, ballerinas (oh dear), circus freaks and animals. Not forgetting the ringmaster. You could start the day off with some circus skills classes.
  • Star Wars – Storm Troopers, Jedi Knights, Darth Vader. Obviously the Stag goes as Princess Leia.
  • Hawaiian shirts – on the other hand maybe not.

Check out the fancy dress shops in the Directory for costumes and more ideas.

If you're still looking for ideas, have you considered timing your Stag or Hen with a festival or event? Check out Festival fun.

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